What Is An iGuardStove®?

Using motion sensing technology, the iGuardStove® monitors your activity and when it sees that you have left the cooking area it will give you 5 minutes to return or it will shut off the stove. This 5-minute timer can be set between 1 and 15 minutes. Once the iGuardStove® sees you have returned to the kitchen, the stove will resume your cooking. (Gas Stoves do not have Auto-Resume). We offer 2 models, the iGuardStove® Smart, which is our standard device that includes the manual override timer, auto shut off countdown timer, emergency quick shut off and is upgradeable to the Intelligent device. The iGuardStove® Intelligent, is our Wi-Fi connectability device offering a myriad of features listed.

iGuardStove® Intelligent Features

Preset at 5 minutes, adjustable between 1 – 15 minutes

Allows user to override the auto shut off timer when longer cooking times are required

Quick shut off and sends text/email alerts to people you have listed on your account Contact list.

Prevents stove from turning on due to accidental turning of knobs

Prevents late night usage when users are most likely to forget the stove is on

Sends text alerts warning you of low temperatures in your home (i.e.: prevent pipes from freezing) or high temperature (ie: if air conditioner isn’t working properly)

Access data and change settings from anywhere you have internet access

Alerts are sent if no movement happens during the day for a time period that you can set (i.e.: to conflm the person is active). Also, late night movement is recorded for your information (i.e.: sleep walking)